Hardly a Regular Work/Life Balance

A client asked me the other day (so he could note it own in his diary) what my regular working hours were – at which point I looked at him in astonishment. As a self-employed escort I don’t regard myself as having regular hours. I work when I feel like and for whom I feel like it.

For instance, sometimes I feel more ‘sociable’ than others. And being the type of lady who loves to give 100 per cent I don’t feel it’s fair to clients to not be firing on all cylinders when I meet them. And that’s pretty much the rule for all of us at Bond Girls London, to be honest. I mean, have you ever met an escort who isn’t wildly enthusiastic? If you have then believe me baby, you are missing out! And it’s time to change escort agencies.

But getting back to working hours, I don’t have set times but most of my work does tend to be at night and in the wee small hours. I also have late afternoon sessions, although at this time of the year they tend to be conducted in the dark too!

Just the other day though I found myself working at 10am in the morning. One of my favourite clients – a businessman from Bahrain was flying into London and fancied brunch before getting on with his business day. He’d been travelling for more than 12 hours, he said, and needed to see a ‘friendly and pretty face.’ Well, I was down there like a shot (or rather an hour, by the time I carefully applied my make-up and finally managed to settle on an appropriate outfit).

The escort as ‘therapist’

I got the impression he seemed more than a little stressed when I met him. And, of course, it all came out – how his business partner had been squandering a lot of the company’s finances, and that he never sees his wife anymore.

See, this is the other side of escorting people who don’t know the profession never see – the ‘listening and comforting’ side. Like a therapist who is allowed to cuddle, stroke and generally soothe, a lot of escorts also do a stellar job of providing an extremely confiding manner. And, in some cases, they also play the role of a soundboard. And you though escorting was all about dressing up, going out for dinner and cocktails, and receiving gorgeous gifts? If so, then it’s time to take a reality call!

Having said that, I do love my job. And I was touched that it was me the Bahrain businessman wanted to pour his heart out to. Having known him for the past few years (we meet on a monthly basis) I shouldn’t be too surprised though. And he is a sweetie, after all. I do prize and look after my favourite clients. In fact, I’d do just about anything for them (within reason). After all, I know how much they think of me. Why don’t you get in touch with me, view my profile here.

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