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Great choice and you won’t look back on this decision you have made, we have asked current and previous advertisers for their feedback and we have been told that the monthly fee we charge they make back within a few days, maybe we need to charge more!

Our service offered is easy and hassle free and your profile can be up within 24/48 hours of applying for your profile, all you need to do is send over the right details needed to create your profile which includes pictures, statistics, rates and a personal bio about you which is at least 200 words long.

Once your profile is up and live we will then send you a link via email along with the invoice you need to pay.

Payments are due at the start of every month and failure to do so will involve is deactivating your account, we understand things come up so we will allow a few days after the payment is due to sort it out.

You will be send out a reminder a few days before it is due every month.

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Give us a try and if you don’t like it you are free to cancel at anytime we are that confident that you will!